At the Movies #16 Ant-Man and the Wasp

Following all of the chaos of Avengers Infinity War comes the next story of Scott Lang, the Ant-Man. Lang has been stuck on house arrest for nearly two years after he helped out Captain America in the Civil War film. Hank and Hope Pym have been on the run from the authorities in the interim.

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At the Movies #15 Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis is a quirky little picture. Takes place about ten years in the future in a dystopian Los Angeles. One where Corporations own the water supply in Los Angeles and riots ensue. This is a typical Wednesday at the Hotel Artemis, a Doctor’s office for criminals where they can seek treatment for a variety of injuries.

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Where’s LeBron Going?

Where is LeBron going? This question will shape the next few NBA seasons. LeBron James’ teams have been to the finals 8 straight years. He only won 3 of 8 possible Championships during that stretch. But he’s still a force even as he enters his mid-30s. Wherever he goes will get a huge boosting and could be one of the few teams with a shot at dethroning the Juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors. Here are some of the possible destinations he could go.

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SuperHeroes at the Movies #12 – Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity war is easily the best of the MCU movies. Any assessment otherwise is just naive. The sheer scope of this film combining a huge arsenal of characters and making a coherent film deserves reverence. But it is also bold and took more major character chances in the first five minutes than the Walking Dead TV all last season.

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I love the Walking Dead 8.15: Worth

We’re just one Episode away from the season finale and the end of the battle, (Maybe) between Rick and Negan. Dare I say it was actually “worth” it to watch tonight.

The episode starts with Rick reading Carl’s letter, officially. It’s much of the same kind of peace talk that he had come to accept at the end of his life. Getting bit certainly changed his ways. That’s all for Rick tonight so say good night Rick!

This is a Negan heavy episode and he chooses not to kill Simon and reveals his plan to wreck the hilltop. It was also revealed that Simon was the one responsible for killing the dudes at the Ocean side. This makes sense considering what happened to the trash people. They must have lucked into that one, these writer guys are not smart enough to think of that on their own.

Speaking of the Oceanside gals.

Aaron is still hanging around there general area, trying to convince them to join the battle. He fights off some walkers and passes out. Then he wakes up surrounded by the ladies and he makes his case. It is so lame! They are sooo going to join them next week. Totally obvious.

Rosita and Daryl ambush the weapons factory and capture Eugene. It sounds good in theory until Eugene Vomits on Rosita while walkers arrives and escape. good lord and I thought the Aaron stuff was lame.

Simon attempts to enlist Dwight in a coup to take over command of the Saviors. Dwight refuses and then Negan comes in and busts up the party killing everyone but Simon and Dwight. Negan says “To be the man you gotta beat the man.” I’ve heard Arthur say that but not without saying Whooo afterwards for some reason.

Then Negan chokes Simon to death and leaves him as a walker out front. He’s one of the better walkers I’ve seen, they spent a little extra time on him. it showed.

During the killing of Simon

Dwight sneaks off a map of the Negan’s next attack to Rick via Gregory. Dwight is offered to be the right hand man of Negan, until the chick that survived Dwight’s earlier betrayal is revealed and Negan reveals that he gave false information, leading Rick into a trap.

Michonne goes to Negan to read him the letter Carl wrote but by then Negan has decided to go all in with the attack on the Hilltop and finish this thing for good.

This was a decent buildup to the finale next week. Hopefully they’ll end this thing for good, although its really clear that Negan is going to survive this. It’s how it happened in the comics and all of those rick things seem to indicate that he’s going to listen to Carl and show mercy. Will this season have been worth watching?